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Behind the merchandising of sports clubs, the M2A paw!

There are tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of derivatives that go by every year, depending on which piece you choose. The practice of merchandising is now a must in the world of sport, whether we are talking about professional teams, federation or competitions, all have required to offer derivatives, which serve the business in direct sales, otherwise the visibility of the mark. When they’re not both.
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The RC Lens extends with M2A for its merchandising!

That says back in the elite for the RC Lens, says higher market potential, with regard to the sale of derivatives in the colors of the club. It is in the logic of things and to prepare for it, the Nordic club has just extended its partnership with the company M2A, specialized in merchandising. The two parties have been working together for 10 years, but this is the first official license agreement granting M2A merchandising distribution rights in GMS, until June 2021.
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Merchandising: “The derivative, a link to the club in times of crisis” (Geoffroy Valéry, M2A)

“Our business has experienced a historic slowdown due to the absence of sports shows (due to the Covid-19 crisis). During this period, some club online shops continued to operate. The derivative product was one of the only links with the club during this period,” says Geoffroy Valéry, President of M2A, a sports merchandising agency, at News Tank on 24/06/2020.
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