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Behind the merchandising of sports clubs, the M2A paw!

There are tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of derivatives that go by every year, depending on which piece you choose. The practice of merchandising is now a must in the world of sport, whether we are talking about professional teams, federation or competitions, all have required to offer derivatives, which serve the business in direct sales, otherwise the visibility of the mark. When they’re not both.

Essential derivative products in the world of sport

For the associated logistics, there is (often) the agency M2A. In France, it is in almost all sports markets, it collaborates with all professional football teams (Ligue 1 and 2), rugby (Top 14 and Pro D2), in the field of e-sport or Formula 1 (with the Renault F1 Team and the Paul-Ricard circuit)… But also in entertainment with amusement parks and zoos. More generally, with “all those who perform and need to create a marketing link, through derivatives,” says Geoffroy Valery, M2A’s CEO.

Requests that differ from customer and fan base

Born in 1999 in Lyon, the company claims a turnover of 5.5 million euros and has fourteen employees. It operates mainly in France, but more and more it internationalizes, and has premium partners up to UEFA, for which it collaborates. Each client has different needs and demands. The bigger ones, like the PSG, have superior means and expertise to the others, its expectations are lower than those of the lower clubs in Ligue 1, if not Ligue 2. With them, everything is sometimes to be done, from production to distribution.

A merchandising that is articulated in three axes

M2A is positioned on three major axes that Geoffroy Valery details: “The supporter’s shop first, the product of the hospitalities by following (for the goodies offered in boxes or in VIP stands), finally, the animation at the stadium when, for example, a partner is looking to facilitate a meeting, with sashes or flags.” Scarves, flags or balloons are classics, which must nevertheless be reviewed each season, according to aesthetic trends or technological advances. For your information, more than 250,000 balloons are produced each season.

When M2A was the supplier of the Standard de Liège

The agency has more potential. It provides clubs with clothing from the «training» range, in addition to those offered by their official partners. She was even, one season, the supplier of the Standard in Liège, Belgium. «It was ten years ago», remembers the boss of M2A. The club’s leaders told us: We will not have an equipment manufacturer for next season. Can you get out of the stadium and out of the stadium outfits for the month of May? We finally played the role of Standard supplier. At the time, we had succeeded Diadora and then were replaced by Joma.”

The outlook is as broad as ambition. M2A (for Merchandising Achat Approvisionnement) is looking to expand the sector and the field of its activity, before the launch of the next sports season.

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